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December 21 2014

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December 20 2014

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December 19 2014


I would just like to say fuck you to everyone who made me feel inadequate growing up and ruining my self esteem for years. You all suck and I’m glad I don’t talk to any of you any more. 

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Ludzie siedzą latem do późnego wieczora i palą papierosy, szepczą, snują marzenia, flirtują i wiedzą w głębi serca, że nic ich lepszego w życiu nie spotka
— Carroll
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to straszne.
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I remember when I thought people in their 20’s were adults. Now all of my friends are in their 20’s and everybody is just kind of fumbling around bumping into each other, trying to figure out where the free food is


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December 18 2014

Biedronka, Nowy York, Brooklyn, Greenpoint, Grand Avenue
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  Jak pozbierać myśli z tych nieposkładanych?
— Marek Grechuta
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December 17 2014

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December 16 2014

December 15 2014

W Indiach mawiają: „Im czystszą masz duszę, tym ciemniejszy kolor ma henna na Twojej skórze”
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